Warum Gibt Es Missingno?

Missingno. ist englisch und bedeutet soviel wie fehlende Nummer (missing number). Missingnumber ist kein eigentliches Pokémon, sondern das Resultat einer Schlamperei bei der Programmierung.

What does MissingNo stand for?

(Japanese: けつばん, Hepburn: Ketsuban), also known as MISSINGNO. or MissingNO, short for Missing Number, is an unofficial Pokémon species found in the video games Pokémon Red and Blue.

What is the MissingNo Pokemon?

‘MissingNO is a programming quirk, and not a real part of the game. When you get this, your game can perform strangely, and the graphics will often become scrambled. The MissingNO Pokémon is most often found after you perform the Fight Safari Zone Pokémon trick. To fix the scrambled graphics, try releasing the MissingNo Pokémon.

What is the history of MissingNo?

Nintendo of America first documented the events that cause MissingNo. to appear in the May 1999 issue of Nintendo Power, with a warning that ‘any contact with it (even if you don’t catch it) could easily erase your game file or disrupt your graphics’.

What happens when you encounter MissingNo in the game?

Due to the programming of certain in-game events, players can encounter MissingNo. via a glitch. Encountering MissingNo. causes graphical anomalies and changes gameplay by increasing the number of items in the sixth entry of the player’s inventory by 128.

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