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are petunias deer resistant

"Unless you can afford to install a deer fence 8 feet or higher, it's difficult to have a garden at all," says Clausen. She's a former horticulture editor for Country Living Gardener magazine and contributor to Brooklyn Botanic Garden's handbooks and Reader's Digest books, as well as other national magazines.

If you find your petunias ravaged overnight, your first suspect should be the rabbits. While white-tailed deer and mules can also do this, they do not usually ruin the entire garden like rabbits. Squirrels too are especially fond of petunias, though unlike deer, they prefer the foliage over the flowers. Most squirrels are attracted to the spicy flavor of the petunia leaves.

Most deer also prefer them because they are extremely moist. In case you are experiencing issues with deer while growing petunias, you will need to go the extra mile for ensuring proper protection which in turn will minimize the damage caused by them.

While deer will almost always take the opportunity to devour your petunias, there are some ways to prevent them from doing this. Following is a list of guidelines that will help protect your property from deer infestation.

You might also want to use pepper sprays, a mixture of garlic and egg, and rags soaked with ammonia in your garden. As with you, the deer will find these items smelly and they will no longer be attracted to your petunias.


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