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what are the disadvantages of an electro magnet in a crane

An electromagnetic crane is a type of crane with an electromagnetic lift. Electromagnetic cranes are commonly utilized in lifting and moving various scrap metals. It does not have the mechanical 'pincers' of a regular crane, instead, it has a large flat magnet which draws the metallic materials to it. Using the principle of electromagnetic induction, these large machines are used to handle scrap ferrous metals, such as iron and steel, which can be found in junk yards and recycling plants. Beyond the area of lifting magnetic materials, another use of an electromagnetic crane is that it makes for smooth and safe stops due to its solenoid brakes (electrically controlled brakes which can be turned on and off by a solenoid). These brakes are the ones being used on movable bridges as it allows the passage of boats and barges. How The Electromagnetic Crane Works: An electromagnet is a type of magnet wherein the magnetic field is produced by electric current, and the field disappears whenever the current is turned off. Electromagnets are being utilized in everyday items, just like loudspeakers and doorbells. An electromagnetic crane has a large electromagnet which can be turned on and off. The electromagnet contains an iron core with a wire around it, and this wire is the medium by which the current travels. The magnetic strength of an electromagnet relies on the number of turns of the wire around the electromagnet's core, the current through the wire and the size of the iron core. Increasing these elements will result in an electormagnet which is significantly larger and stronger as compared to a natural magnet (which explains the enormous size of the crane's magnet). For the electromagnet to be turned off, the core must be made of soft iron. Therefore, turning on the electricity will enable the magnet to work, and turning off the electricity will be able to shut it down. Dismantling the old crane Over the past years, the existing cranes at voestalpine Rotec...

Lifting magnets are used to move and position ferromagnetic (often steel) work pieces of various shapes and lengths quickly and without damage. A lifting and hoisting magnet saves valuable storage space and time.


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