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blocking phone numbers on mediacom

Mediacom Digital Phone service offers high quality, reliable home phone service with unlimited local and long distance calling - including calls anywhere in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands - whenever you want for as long as you want. You'll also get 30 WorldTalk International calling minutes per month! With Mediacom Digital Phone, there are more ways to connect with family and friends whether they are across town, across the country, or even across the world!

Protect the cable home phone service related wiring in your home with the Mediacom Home Wire Maintenance Plan. Faulty or damaged wiring, phone related equipment (excluding customer owned devices), outlets or fittings in the home can cause all kinds of problems with your Digital Phone package. Subscribe to the Home Wire Maintenance Plan now and reduce or even eliminate the cost of repairing or replacing Mediacom-owned equipment or other devices, and other service related fittings in your home.

Last spring, I lost my cable internet telephone and television for nearly a month. I called the tech service almost every day and eventually they had many technicians here. It seems they blame the squirrels to chew through the cable and causing problems. I feed the critters hoping to fatten up so they can not do an act of brinkmanship on while snacking on it during meals cable. Mediacom replaced all the exterior and interior cable with a bad tasting outside hoping to stave cable squirrels, so far, it seems to work. Since that time, I lost my phone service, no dial tone for a week... no internet, fortunately, the TV worked again. I am a diabetic to have no service could have been life threatening. I used capital letters because I can not see using the small print... is not the great technology???

In October 2010 one day I sit and wait mediacom when I should be at work. My cable decoder is originally a poor image quality. The guy comes, takes something on the back of the box, should be better, he said. Wrong! Now he has to go back. I have to leave work early, the guy happens, happens on the box with a new one and leaves. It's 4:36 on a Friday... After he leaves now, I notice that the TV is hummmming. Makes me crazy. I call mediacom and explain the problem. I'm told it will come back and repair. They ( Mediacom ) call, tell him about the problem and he calls me at 4:38 ET said " he can not go tonight, but will do tomorrow. " I said, " you work on Saturday?? "He said 'yes. " So I waited all day Saturday for him to show up. He never did.He never called. When I called to ask where it is mediacom. I am told they are not even connected to come to my house today, it must be me a favor by coming to my house on Saturday. They put me on hold and try to communicate with him. No luck. Now I'm angry. I spent my Saturday waiting for the cable guy. Well, I want to know! But guess what? Nobody knows his name!!! I must have called mediacom six times because each time I called I speak to a different person. No one, I repeat, did not know his name! I asked " you do not know your \\ technicians " mamm. What kind of s- t is that??? You do not even know the people we let into our homes!?!? Anyone who has MEDIACOM BE sure to ask ID, get a name. Although this truck has MEDIACOM on it, they do not even know who works for them or how to solve the problem. And who knows when they will come! They tell me someone will be here Wednesday. Do you think I'll take another day off waiting for someone to appear? They say that someone will be here Saturday Nov.13, 2010. He showed this morning. I have not opened the door for someone. I'll check in to get a flat. Unbelievable!!

I am so frustrated that I do not know where to start. I pay 12 members and I 'm lucky if I can get a mps. I had the service here 4 times, replaced a modem, listened that the problem is with my computer (FYI I build computers for 8 years and I have dealt with Cisco to three). after I informed of this, they became rude... I ask a simple question they could not find in their collective intelligence to respond. I just asked " when are you going to be here to fix your nodes? " Every time I asked this question the answer is " Is there anything else I can help you? " I also asked if they are fixing theirs spine problem. no answer. so I asked the last question. "If you had to pay for something and the supplier would not deliver what was promised. what would you do? " Maybe this question was a tough one. They told me they would give me a discount for the poor service they received... instead. they charged me more than they promised. AGAIN... I might have a dial-up modem era 1989 running on my 286 and still have Internet faster than that. I had Comcast, Insight, and the Charter, and none were this bad. Comcast and Charter would actually solve their problems. Mediacom but can not find someone with a higher education in a GED to understand that they do not provide a good product, and yet monopolize the area. I 'm going back to DSL. they are faster and more reliable Mediacom... You're fired!

Communities seeking competitive alternatives to Mediacom usually find the phone companies that refuse to offer a video service in Mediacom service areas, because the cable company usually selects small communities where such projects " telco - TV " do not meet the minimum efficiency requirements needed to build investment. Some communities served by the independent telephone companies or are lucky enough to find a supplier fiber -to -the -home loans are in better shape, unless the files from the cable company agreed to stop such projects to move forward.

In addition to the do not call list (which only blocks law abiding telemarketers), I use an app called Mr. Number on my Android cell phone. Since installing it, I have not received a single robo-call. Last week I opened the app and saw the list of blocked calls and the reason for blocking. It was quite a list!

I am curious how this system would be able to prevent calls from spoofed numbers any better than any other call blocking technology. Don't they still have to block based on the published caller ID? If so it seems they would have the same problem as other call blocking systems with spoofed numbers and scammers constantly changing the caller ID to a different number.

I am somewhat concerned about them having a list of my callers but the robocalls were getting ridiculously annoying. So far, it seems to be working well...the only issue is that some of the calls get through and will ring twice before nmr knocks them out. Now, I just wait and see if there's a third ring...unless I know the number.

I knew someone who used the "Not in service" tone at the beginning of his answering machine response. He claimed that it worked great, and the number of calls to his phone also dropped dramatically after a couple of weeks.


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