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advantages of electromagnetic crane
An electromagnetic crane is a type of crane with an electromagnetic lift. Electromagnetic cranes are commonly utilized in lifting and moving various scrap metals. It does not have the mechanical 'pincers' of a regular crane, instead, it has a large flat magnet which draws the metallic materials to it. Using the principle of electromagnetic induction, these large machines are used to handle scrap ferrous metals, such as iron and steel, which can be found in junk yards and recycling...

what should you do if an accident occurs in you lab
Good preparation and careful work habits can go a long way toward making your lab experiences safe ones. But, at some point, an accident may occur. A classmate might accidentally knock over a beaker or a chemical might spill on your sleeve. Would you know what to do?

    In ravna lor de a avea un preot ortodox, credinciosii de aici au cerut mitopoliei in nenumarate randuri sa li se trimita un preot cu ajutorul caruia sa se intemeieze si sa se cladeasca parohia ortodoxa. Au fost insa de fiecare data refuzati deoarece nefiind organizati, nu puteau face dovada ca vor putea sa sustina material preotul si noua parohie formata, ceranduli-se sa se orienteze spre cea mai apropiata parohie ortodoxa (Offenbach, 55km) si sa se integreze in comunitatea de acolo (sursa:...

make playlists on quicktime
This sounds like great stuff. Does anyone know if Quicktime does not support it anymore. I followed the PDF and other information that I read online, and I can not get Quicktime to play clear sound. The video seems to be fine, but the audio when I play video files sounds like a jackhammer plays in the background. I tried to change some settings, but every time I choppy audio on the files. All the rest of the SMIL works well it's amazing. However, if it can not work, I 'm back to the drawing...