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homemade catnip spray

If you want to treat your cat to an extra special pleasure, developing some catnip in your garden or even in a pot on the windowsill and make him fresh tea with her favorite herb. Catnip is easy to grow, take off like a weed once it is established. It adapts to almost any type of soil, including clay-based soil, and is happy in sunny locations, but will grow as enthusiastically with only the value of the sunlight is few hours each day. Your biggest challenge by becoming a farmer catnip will keep your cat on the plant long enough for them to grow big enough to harvest.

Whatever form it arrives, cats love catnip. Whether your cat tends to soften the point of fainting or bouncing off the walls in response to the grass, it is a safe and inexpensive form of entertainment for her, as his antics led pinch - will be for you.

There was no interest in toys that I sprayed with this product at all. I really soaked lint and I thought maybe after distilled water evaporated cats are attracted to the catnip. nothing. My cats are adults 11 and 4; I also have two kittens 9 months, and not one of them expressed any desire to play with the toys treated with the spray.

Instead of buying new catnip toys, I decided to try this product. This is wonderful!! It refreshed my kitties "old" toys and had made them like new (to them anyway! ). I also bought them a new tree to play on Christmas and she sprayed some encouraging them to use it. They went crazy for it!

I did this several days ago. Absolutely Love Love Love it!!!!!! works awesome on all members of my family, including dogs. Used inside the house, on window screens, door flap dog outside the house doing the work of lawn where children play and also in the woods! Works better than our deep offshore than Woods we have. Have had no problems with ticks, mosquitoes, noseums or ants. Have not tried on spiders. I quadrupled the recipe and once the water catnip was cooled, just mix all ingredients in a large bowl and then sprays filled 3/4 full and filled the rest of the bottle with water. I used lemongrass oil so it would be a great Essential fresh smell. My husband is very sensitive to smells and he really likes that too. I give this 5 stars and highly recommend it to everyone!

Whether sitting outside or relaxing in your home, keep bugs away with this natural insect repellent that really works. Deter mosquitoes interrupting an invasion of ants, bug spray that is made from ingredients that are completely natural and safe. Instead of feeling aggressive chemicals, you will have a nice breath of perfume at your next outdoor gathering while remaining free bite - And after picking up the main ingredients, repellent cost less than $ 1 per bottle to do.

Catnip is a natural repellent to cockroaches. The active ingredient is nepetalactone, which is non -toxic to humans and pets. Small catnip bags can be left in the business areas of cockroaches. Catnip can also be cooked in a small amount of water to make a " catnip tea " that can be used as a spray to apply around baseboards and behind counters. This natural repellent should be used in homes without cats

Catnip works for me. I bought a fresh catnip once a store local grass. I boiled a quarter of an ounce with about 2 cups of water and put it in a spray bottle. When I see a cockroach I spray on them. I see cockroaches stop dead in their momentum and the fall of the wall without creep up. This is a big deal. When I tried other home remedies, they always keep crawling after being sprayed. Nothing stopped them until now!

My answer to you is that my company professional pest does not use catnip because it is not labeled for insect control. Therefore, I, personally, do not have experience of using it, but I have read that it is an effective repellent.

Crush 2 cups of catnip and a cup of rosemary leaves using your hands or a rolling pin. Place the mixture in a quarter own jars and completely cover with 2 cups of glycerin or other body oil. Leave the jar in a dark closet for two weeks, shaking daily. Place the dough in two weeks and put the oil in a new pot. Refrigerate and use oil as needed when working outdoors.

Catnip has nepetalactone, an essential oil that gives the plant is the smell. This is napatalactone that repels mosquitoes sucking blood. The same group of researchers found that essential oil repels the insects have found that it also defends the cockroaches. Entomologist Chris Peterson, Ph. D. and Joel Coats, Ph. D. , Catnip Tested against mosquito yellow fever. They believe that catnip repel all types or mosquitoes.

Some scents provoke strong reactions in humans. Chocolate. Hot apple pie. Quality perfumes. But none approach the power of catnip to influence our pets cats. This is because human brains are physiologically different, and our sense of smell not as refined. And since there is not any odor that causes such a powerful reaction in humans, catnip is hard for us to understand.

" All oil carrying essential herbs lose their potency over time. The main reason is that nepetalactone is UV sensitive. Catnip store in the freezer to maximize freshness. "We suggest an alternative in the freezer if it's not convenient for you, using a container such as a closable box or a little more solid dishes, keeping UV rays. Keep the tin or ceramic pot in a cool, dry place. We do not recommend using a clear glass processing container since it will not block UV rays.

" Catnip has been used in herbal remedies on humans since at least the 15th century. In fact, the tea catnip was the drink made from the most commonly consumed plants in Europe before the import of tea from the East ".

" Peppermint is used with caution in nursing mothers because it is thought to decrease the production of milk. But clinically I have not really seen this to be true. Personally, I drank tons of catnip tea after my second was born. It helped keep the earth be postpartum emotional (read: not yell at my husband ) and my baby was a perfect angel with no health problems. My point is that the warning labels for herbs are usually extremely conservative, especially when the application is valid. They should not be ignored, but if I was pregnant or nursing, and a swarm of mosquitoes, I would not hesitate to empty a bottle of the first recipe all about myself - but that's just me. "

Thank you for this! Our yard is always full of mosquitoes and while all three of my girls get bits, one is particularly allergic. I hate to put DEET on them when they want to play outside, especially because they are preschool and child. I mixed my own bug spray essential oil today to spray their clothes, and so far it works just as well, if not better than the chemical stuff we used before.

Interesting article, maybe some entrepeneur can market it in a spray form increased longevity. I tried a non-toxic spray bee once; targeted a hornet's nest survived a box; but on the positive side, the whole neighborhood had a pleasant mint / anise / basil smell that lasted many many days. Eventually I just I killed em with a little boric acid. My biggest lesson of mosquitoes after living in a number of different rural houses is to design your deck / patio / outdoor - living- area open space very dry. Mosquitoes seem to gather around protection objects such as trees and shrubs, as well as the calm humid regions. We must think to build a nice landscape, with little foliage, but it is possible.

Hi Linda, It should be noted that the catnip study by Dr. Coats at Iowa State University was never published. Rather, it was a work that was presented at a conference ACS. If you are familiar with what conferences are, they are places where preliminary studies can be presented to the wider academic world. This means that their work has never been submitted for review by peers process.In fact, Dr. Coats (although he was still studying catnip referenced in a later study ) has never published his results. You should make clear the level of evidence you present to your audience.

Gather the leaves and stems of catnip and chop finely -the to expose more surface area of the plant. Cover the bottom of a baking dish with the plant. Cover green oil. I use olive oil for its stability, although soybean oil can also be a good choice because it may have some mild repellent capacity on its own. I have not verified this claim.

Reports friends who traveled in heavily mosquito-infested areas are very positive. It works, but has to be renewed frequently. I used to include citronella and eucalyptus in my sprays, but now use catnip and yarrow flowers (see end of article ) exclusively.

How to make the grass mosquito cat. Catnip is a mint plant type used for herbal medicine and attract cats. according to recent studies at Iowa State. Everyone knows that cats go crazy for catnip. if you are a dog lover, did you know that anise is a plant that will excite your dog as much?.

The Kunduchi Deluxe honeycomb Parquet and chat Wall Scratchers are strong and durable, and made ??of wood to fit comfortably in any home. They are so easy and convenient to use with full instructions and accessories. Just rub the Kunduchi catnip powder supplied in perforated cardboard and watch your cat enjoy. Recharge cards are available so simply replace the card when the two parts are worn.

These covers are unique because they have a pocket sewn rechargeable catnip in the center, giving them an unfair advantage that cats prefer. Most cats run and play with this cover with complete abandon. Cats just love them.

Although intense, that bliss is usually short-lived, lasting about 10 minutes for most cats. For some, the euphoria resulting in aggressive playfulness. At the same time, it makes the other soft and calm. But no matter what the reaction of your cat, once the pleasure passes it will be about two hours before Kitty meets catnip again.


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