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make sopapilla cheesecake

Sopapilla cheese takes its inspiration from sopapillas, which are swollen, slightly fried pastries that are from New Mexico. Instead of cooking this cheesecake in a bottom crust, using sopapillas - or, in this case, increasing pre-made dinner rolls - to create both a top and bottom crust. Sopapillas are related to other Spanish pastries, like churros, and both are topped with cinnamon and sugar.

I had no idea what a cheesecake sopapilla was before now, but Omigosh... you kill me here! These look amazing, Mary Frances, and I like how they are day! I'm normally not a big fan of cheese, but the croissant dough roll is definitely gaining on me in these. Pinned!

Thus, through the years, I have experimented with different toppings for dessert ( our favorite place filled pie or blueberry pie filling apples with caramel sauce on top of the cheesecake mixture). But, anyway, I 've never made a chocolate version, though. I can not wait to try this!

If you have never had a sopapilla is a Mexican fried dough dessert that is thrown in cinnamon sugar and drizzled with honey. The only way I could think to do the original was best stuff it with a creamy filling! I have a secret to share: I always keep a packet of puff pastry in my freezer. This is one of my go-to ingredients to make inputs and simple desserts that have sounds complicated... and now it 's your secret too! With this magic ingredient in my freezer, I 'm always ready for last minute guests or sudden urges... For these sugary puffs, puff dough squares are filled with sweet cream cheese and baked. Just before serving, they are generously coated with cinnamon sugar.

Sopapilla Cheesecake is the perfect dessert for a pot luck dish return empty and everyone will ask you for this recipe. Here, we combine two favorites, sopapillas and the creamy goodness of a cheesecake.

It's delicious! I also did this with several variations. Sometimes I'll add fruit pie filling on top of the cream cheese before covering it with top dough layer. Or, for a tasty treat, omit the sugar and vanilla from the cheese mixture to the cream. Instead, add a - cooked sausage (I like JimmyDean turkey sausage crumbles ) and a Rotel box. Finally, the mantle of our pastry butter only, leaving off the cinnamon and sugar.

Wow!! I really loved this recipe!! I love cooking. We had a banquet and served Sopapilla Cheesecake, I loved it. So I wanted to do. Of course, no idea, and I googled and your blog is presented. It's is amazing!! Thank you!! I will definitely come here more revenue.

I called my friend the other day and asked her what she was doing. She said she was " Sopapilla Cheesecake ". Of course, I had already read the blog and since we are Kindred spirits she knew I already knew what she was talking. She had a difficult day homeschooling her children. She warned me that she would be bringing some to me... I can only say that God really turns a crazy day in something delicious?!! Yummo Siestes! Cheesecake is really the food of angels.

OK I just groceries and spent $ 240 to feed a family of 4. Remember many cleaning products as my house was sadly neglected. But, I think I'll head back and pick up the ingredients for this cheesecake. And it seems so easy my 10 year old daughter and her friend (who was hanging out here all day ), but I do not mind, could actually do this. Melissa thank you.

It never fails really what I come to your blog and finds something incredible! Opapillas regular S are delicious, but filled with cheesecake, baked and drizzled in butter and then covered with cinnamon sugar?! Wow and Yum! I am more than willing to celebrate any holiday that includes these!

I promise your 21st birthday was better than mine. These pies remind me of this amazing Mexican restaurant in Oklahoma City, where I went to college. You sopapillas automatically as part of your meal. They were delivered to your table with a large bottle of honey, and I would soak me. I can not wait to try these. They are so adorable, and I bet, so delicious.

To continue the theme, my 22 was better, there was less pressure. I can not believe I've been living under a rock and have never tried a sopapilla! I have to be so focused on the margaritas! These Dorothy proud look, especially with all that cinnamon.

Hey there, I am new to your blog. It happened to me here from a jewelry making (beads ) blog. You do not remember now, I was so jump blog this morning. I added your blog to my list of favorites. I love all your recipes every day. I'll try this cake Sopapilla soon. I love your bracelets, too. I'm definitely interested in beads and am looking for a good place to start!! I hope you have a great week!

I found your blog by Googling a recipe for Hawaiian haystacks. I could not believe DH them had ever had, even if they were new to me recently. I do not know how to make the sauce. After some research was yours tha I had all the ingredients for. I started looking through the other posts and loved them all. I also tried the cheese biscuits and loved!

Although I get good feedback on the " perfect dessert " I mentioned, I'm usually too exhausted and sweaty Olympics __gVirt_NP_NN_NNPS \\ u003c__ cuisine of the day to appreciate or even politely admits. These cheese cake bars make people as happy as any dessert three hours -from- scratch - sweat- and blood - tears - and you have the energy to smile, say "thank you " and how ridiculously simple they are to make. I once had a foreign ( drunk mouth full ) ask me to marry him after trying these. I was somehow able to resist her charms and refuse politely, but talk about a return on investment - it's amazing what a cheese filling with sweet cream and a cinnamony burnt sugar topping can do to people!

I'm really going to have to try these... A couple of my fb friends have been raving about Sopapilla Cheesecake. To be exact... "It's like angels left a little piece of paradise behind... " Lol. I want a piece of heaven.

And I developed an unrealistic aversion to the beach. It seems like the place to go after committing a murder or steal someone's identity was a tropical island or Florida. The update Unsolved shows the villain always seemed to get the bag to buy a boat in a tourist resort. I 'm still not a beach or boat person... it is a connection unhealthy subconscious, I think.

We recently had sopapillas at a Mexican restaurant (I made "false " before with tortillas ) and my husband was really angry that I "knew about these desserts and had not done them correctly to him. I'll see what he thinks of it all!

Expand and extend 1 croissant dough box on the bottom of ungreased pan. Combine softened cream cheese, sugar and vanilla. Mixture spread over crescent dough. Expand and extend remaining crescent dough over the mixture. Spread the butter evenly over top and sprinkle with the cinnamon / sugar mixture. Bake at 350 for 20-30 minutes.

So here we go... now what -have in every sense, and it is pretty amazing. It's so basic as it is, so it's easy to twist! The latter I did with Lemon Curd and fresh raspberries that were rolled in sugar. I whip my cream cheese and sugar. I add a few drops of vanilla to my bitter melted. I do not use large flat that I can cover the edge if I get a nice flaky crust. I have not used the cinnamon, but sprinkled with sugar and a little lemon zest. I Brush buttery crust that is topped with butter as these edges are dark crust. When I extended this layer of cheese with whipped cream I top with a layer of lemon cream, then take fresh raspberries that were rolled in sugar about one inch apart on top of lemon curd. Then finish as usual with the top layer of the crust. When it cools sprinkle with powdered sugar. Serve hot or cold. It's that good. Creat your own!

BEAUTIFUL!! I do not know how it's not in the top 20 revenue throughout the site. I can not believe that I loved so well because I'm not a fan of crescent dough in desserts very well. I used a 9x13 pan glass and just put the rolls in and spread out. I spent a few seconds to make sure that the seams and edges were together was not heavy. Then I poured the cream cheese mixture on top and spread it around. Adding the second layer of rolls was a little tiny bit harder but not much. I felt I did not have seams pressed together pretty well, but during cooking they spread all so it was good. Do not feel like you have to make it perfect because you cover the top in the mixture cinn / sugar. It is fabulous. I did exactly as requested except I only used about 1/2 as much honey as requested at first. I tasted it and added more and yum. Use the full amount. I had to cook over 30 minutes and I was getting worried. He looked far too dark for comfort but the middle was still a little sticky. I kept it in good and it was in no way exaggerated. So bake until the center is done... you will not be burned. Everyone who ate he wanted more and asked for the recipe. Try it and I promise it will become a favorite.

This recipe is always a crowd pleaser. In fact, my son asked me to do this for her 16th birthday last week, and his friends liked. I uses three packets cheese cream and 1 1/2 cups of sugar for filling a little thicker. And sugar cinnamon mixture I use 1/2 cup sugar and 2 tbsp. cinnamon. Using the Mexican vanilla is what sets this apart, so do not skimp on it! For our group, we blew honey because it serves well without it. Refrigerated leftovers, if you have one, are awesome!

I do not think I 've ever had Sopapilla Cheesecake before, but it seemed so easy to do with simple ingredients so I tried to do it for the first time. I have not bought the essence of good vanilla... so I did and am not sure how it's supposed to taste, but oh boy, it's delicious!!! Definitely need to control myself not to eat everything at once : P Thanks for the recipe!

I do not understand why you call these " sopapilla " anything. Sopaipillas ( not the correct spelling ) are fried so they swell and they do not have the cheese.They cream are to die. Make no mistake - this sounds delicious, but all but Sopaipillas!

Made this last night! Delish... we changed bars Carrot Cake Cheesecake (1 Drain can crushed pineapple, reserving juice. ) Simmer 2 grated carrots in the juice until tender. Add 1/2 tsp. golden raisins for 2-3 min) Drain and pat dry. Mix with 1/2 tsp. crushed pineapple (very patted dry before adding. ) Mix in the cheese mix cream and proceed! ( We have also added a little nutmeg to garnish with cinnamon!) Thank you!!!

WOW SO GOOD and looks VERY GOURMET, and I made my own little twist, I used less cream cheese ( and did not have vanilla ) and sliced ??golden delicious. apples. ( Haha saw them in the fridge when I got other ingredients and decided to throw in : ) cooking should be of " improvisation" and play... I'm glad it happened in recipie, Thanks


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