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So, I'll be honest, I read through this with the intention of explaining why these tips would not be properly labeled as "radical real estate advice." However, I am impressed because you are on the cutting edge with everything. Consumers set high standards and things like sloppy listing photos and a lack of a dynamic website will get you left FAR behind. Thanks for sharing! Loved it!

Real estate is now not only a local dominance. Global reach due to globalization is much evident today. The decades have witnessed varying consumer’s behavior and hence their property buying or selling patterns. This leads to drastic changes to occur adequate enough to attract digital users. Online branding techniques like social media optimization, search engine optimization and other tools work superbly. Great article!

As someone who moves a lot, I think that I would really appreciate real estate engine who cared enough to go through these processes mentioned in here. I know that it would really help me if the they followed specific things like making their site mobile-friendly, and receiving a newsletter. I think these are great ideas and I hope agents will use them! Thanks for sharing.

I think that creating a good website would help in many ways. You could list your services, and post reviews. It would make searching for you much simpler. Consequently, I am currently looking for a real estate agent myself. Do you think that customer service is something to consider?

I have been investing and negotiationg in both commercial & residential real estate for the past 12 years. And this book gives tips on EVERY aspect of EVERY transaction - maximizing your profit potential on EVERY deal. Don't negotiate any deals until after you have read this book - it will make you a fortune! - Aimee Elizabeth, Author of Poverty Sucks! How to Become a Self-Made Millionaire.

Whether you are putting your home up for sale or are looking for a new place to live, listen up! Josh Altman from Bravo’s reality show “Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles” stopped by Studio 1A with his tips for those getting involved with the real estate market this year.

Altman recommends to all of his buyers to have a thorough home inspection. It can be expensive, but it would be more pricey to buy the home and then find out it has foundation issues or a busted water heater.

Great post. I am a real estate agent in Oklahoma City. I think it is really important to trust the realtor you are working with and that the Realtor specializes in the area that you are wanting to buy. Ask lots of questions always. I believe that an educated buyer makes a better buyer, which is why I volunteer once a month to teach at a local non profit.

Create a complete list of the properties you want to stay in, where you want your place and how you want it. Make a rough design of your future home the way you want it. Reviewing the likes of architect appointed for your project will prove beneficial in terms of efficient planning and layout of the apartments.

Activity in the first month of a listing is always the best, so don't risk wasting it. Price too high, and scare off many buyers and agents. Price too low, and risk leaving dollars on the table. Hiring the right agent based on recommendations, response time, in-person interviews, track record and data support will yield that pricing expert you need.

If you have pets, especially indoor pets, make sure that during your listing period, you are particularly fastidious in cleaning up after them. Ask a very good friend (or your real estate agent), who will tell you the truth, to come by and give it the sniff test. Also, if you have pets and are trying to sell your home, the purchase of a few air purifiers may also be a great investment. Consider buyers with pet allergies.

A neutral third party holds the documents and money involved in a real estate transaction and ensures that all conditions of a sale are met. Escrow also refers to a special account that a lender establishes to hold monthly installments from the borrower to cover property taxes and insurance.

Mortgages that are insured by the Federal Housing Administration. The FHA's 203(b) loan program provides low-rate mortgages to buyers who make a down payment as small as 3 percent. The agency also operates loan plans for investors and purchasers of rural property.


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