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my rosetta stone is stuck on the loading screen

When your Rosetta Stone is stuck on the loading screen, remove the CD from your computer and check for scratches or visible traces. If the CD appears to be dirty, clean it with a soft cloth. Reinsert the CD into your computer and restart the program. The stripes can present a greater challenge. Contact the customer service Rosetta Stone for help to get a replacement CD if scratches appear to be deep or prevent it from working.

While using your Rosetta Stone software on your computer, you may experience a problem where the program freezes on the loading screen. Sometimes the problem can be solved by checking the settings of your security software or to ensure the program CD is free from dirt. Depending on the cause, you might solve it and be on your way to learning a second language in a short time.

I have the Rosetta Stone Application on my macbook. After I loaded Office for Mac, I can not access the ap rosetta stone. Anyone out there have similar problems? ( I posted here because I found no other appropriate discussion. )

I use Rosetta Stone shldr2thewheel.I seconds and have no matters of Humanities accepted capital. But the lessons " write " the "\\ Virtual Keyboard " has a touch "shift " to uppercase available.

Download Rosetta Stone Chinese Mac - Download rosetta stone mandarin mac / download Rosetta Stone Chinese rar... Histograms: Virgin Mountains which cmdlets that appears as install,... and the evaluation software, all supported version of the operating system supports all done... you will see "Rolling Back buttons move the action removes the main screen,...

Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone - The Floor cutting chamber August 9, 2014... Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone was a completely different game around... Specifically, the versions overseas Featured shops where players could... A portrait of Jimmy Lee to select the character screen... to have been vandalized by the Black Warriors gang raised before the start of the game.

Site Matt Fowles - CSSC Blogs January 25, 2011... I recently received a copy of Rosetta Stone 4 and had the joy of trying to... they do not make a Linux version available (despite the availability of Adobe AIR)... I realized that the screen was empty because the list was empty...

(Latin America ) Level 1 - Homeschool Version 3 - The Old... The new version 3 of Rosetta Stone Homeschool is completely revised and better than ever... For those of you who are not familiar with Rosetta Stone, it probably is... similar to computer courses : multiple choice, fill in the blank, and create your... This tool is accessible via the icon discourse analysis on any screen of speech.

The Rosetta Stone experience online, if you discount the occasional hang time I filed under " Availability, " a good time. Bright yellow screen of the Rosetta Stone brand immediately created a visual effect " branding " - I see the yellow and I know immediately that Rosetta Stone comes my way. The photographs used are of high quality and the interface works exactly the same line as it does with the software installed - the program even calibrates your microphone in the same way. Controls and preference settings available are the same between online versions and installed, and the online version saves both your progress and your settings every time you use it.

The Rosetta Stone software, once installed, usually works very well if you are on a compatible computer, but the operating systems older or, slower processors - I do not know who - sometimes bring it to " hang " or freeze and suffer internal errors. I lived a few " block " limited or breaks in the online program that did not happen with my software installed; online versions were executed and installed on the same computer, so I guess Internet connection was to blame.

Rosetta Stone Online gets 4 out of 5 for the availability and an additional boost to the side to make a system check every time it loads, with clear and easy to understand display, which shows whether your system is ready to run the program online or offline. I do not need to download a small file to run the speech recognition component of the online program, even though I already had the full version of the same language installed on my computer. But finding the file in question was easy - I just clicked on the Rosetta Stone was given link, download the file, and I was ready to go.

I believe that more than half pictures easily in a given language are unique to that language and culture - there was undoubtedly some Italian people in the Italian module that does not have once shown in the Irish unit - but see the same images are repeated between languages ??has taken something away from the idea of ??being culturally immersed same time I was immersed in the linguistics.

Not only fundamentally flawed theory, the program is so simple I can not believe the company employs many people as it does. The stock photography (especially taken near the company's headquarters in Virginia) is used across the board in all languages. This means that you can be learning what a house looks like Chinese and be see an American home. In a critical review, a learner using the Russian version noted that one of the pictures prominent paper towels in the framework of a concept, but noted that Russia, no one knows what a paper towel was. It is difficult to semantic links in other languages ??when a large African-American man, an Asian woman and a white teen is smiling in a soccer field, "talk" in Gaelic.

You are presented with four images. Depending on the mode, you may be asked to repeat audio describing the image, type the text describing the image, Match pictures with text or match the images with his. The new version, TOTALe adds multiple things : after each lesson, you can schedule a video chat session with a native speaker who will guide you through the lesson, review of key terms, as in a classroom. There are also six different games, one of them on the basis of concentration, some based on the cat, some based on the description of the photos. You can play games alone or with partners.

So what is the upscale version today, Version 4 TOTALe, look like? I spent several months with the software, working on Mandarin. ( I tested Mandarin using Pinyin romanization only. The software allows you to learn with Chinese characters, but is not really designed to teach this unique and difficult system. Rosetta Stone focuses on bringing you to speak. ) The court verdict, after many hours spent if it still has shortcomings, Rosetta Stone has come a long way, and I think this is a truly useful tool for language learning.

Finally, Rosetta Stone said the number of bits and bobs to successive versions of the software. These include solo games you can play online with others, and chatrooms. I found the chatroom Mandarin almost empty, with users often showing, ask a question, finding no answer and leave. Interactions are some. (It is more going on in the German chatroom I also visited. ) But the games were a good way to practice vocabulary while having a little fun.

The site notes that learning any language takes 600 hours of instruction, and the Chinese took 2,000 hours in classes of 4 students based on the experience of the Foreign Service Institute. These are a lot more hours than a university course or online course, but the recommended online courses ( with native speakers ) are a better start than many introductory classes (not native speakers). Better to start with the right pronunciation, do not try to fix it later.

The Pimsleur program I tried was quite better, though less "fun ". It is a purely audio during the conversation, explained in English, with the time for you to repeat snatches of conversation. The things I 've learned in Pimsleur were perfectly useful for basic conversations. Really it is the basis for getting to know you and move type thing every beginner town in a language find useful.

As you can see, Rosetta Stone has its problems, but I can see Rosetta Stone for its innovative use of computer technology to teach a foreign language. It's a beautiful concept in spite of its lack of performance and the inability to effectively teach a foreign language. However, the emphasis on interactivity is a (small) step up manuals and I would like to see future software products span the interactivity and try to do things.

Sure, you can start hammering wood together, but you will make many mistakes and lose a lot of time. In addition, when the house is done, the structure will be small and it will soon collapse ( assuming you actually managed to build a house without a plan!) This is why a recovery plan important because you can be sure that you spend all your money, time, energy and effort into something that is really going to work and stay strong. With a plan, your house will be built quickly, beautiful and strong.

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I had to reinstall my software version 3 on a new computer ( the third since I bought RS ). The activation code does not work since I had already used my " activations " available. I found an online support chat live on their website and Tech was able to give me instructions on how to disable the product on my old computer ( lucky, he might even start ). I was then instructed to call the 1-800 number and Technology to finalize the process and get my activation code released again. It took a while, but I finally managed to get it resolved, despite technology on the phone with a strong accent that was almost impossible to understand. I was impressed that I could get this resolved on a weekend ( a holiday weekend at that), but if I had not been able to get my old computer running to disable the product, I think I would have been screwed. Overall, I am satisfied, but can understand the frustrations of others.

Bought Rosetta Stone because of their large announced "support " - biggest lie there. They just want your money for the product and then leave you hanging - wait more than 90 minutes for the support and still not resolved. Waste of time.

I used the Rosetta Stone Version 4 Spanish (Spain) now. I like that. I'm just in level 2 because I take my sweet time here. Went to Ecuador to the Galapagos and I felt like I was able to converse better and my vocabulary increased despite the fact that I'm only at level 2 of the Spanish. I look forward to my sessions and, like all teachers -I have online. Some of the technical issues that I had with Rosetta were resolved and I thought that the technicians were pretty good and pleasant to deal with.

I spent 45 minutes waiting for listening to music while trying to contact technical customer service for activation problem. Nobody answered. Hung up to call again and squeezed number for new purchases and someone answered three rings. He gave another number to try the same record that was unanswered. Still not activated Product. Awful.


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