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my rosetta stone is stuck on the loading screen

When your Rosetta Stone is stuck on the loading screen, remove the CD from your computer and check for scratches or visible traces. If the CD appears to be dirty, clean it with a soft cloth. Reinsert the CD into your computer and restart the program. The stripes can present a greater challenge. Contact the customer service Rosetta Stone for help to get a replacement CD if scratches appear to be deep or prevent it from working.

While using your Rosetta Stone software on your computer, you may experience a problem where the program freezes on the loading screen. Sometimes the problem can be solved by checking the settings of your security software or to ensure the program CD is free from dirt. Depending on the cause, you might solve it and be on your way to learning a second language in a short time.

I recently purchased Total Rosetta for Italian does not work for me. The initial video window has no video in it. When I select one of the options available in the Setup menu ( headset, user guide, Rosetta Stone Total E videos, etc.), I get white empty windows without content. In addition, the acess is incredibly slow. I have no problem with other applications on my desktop, which is an iMac, OS X Lion 10.7.5 version with 16 GB of memory. Any suggestions?? Thank you in advance!

I have the Rosetta Stone Application on my macbook. After I loaded Office for Mac, I can not access the ap rosetta stone. Anyone out there have similar problems? ( I posted here because I found no other appropriate discussion. )

I use Rosetta Stone shldr2thewheel.I seconds and have no matters of Humanities accepted capital. But the lessons " write " the "\\ Virtual Keyboard " has a touch "shift " to uppercase available.

Rosetta Stone Alternatives and similar software - Explore 43 applications such as Rosetta Stone, the proposed and evaluated by all... Memrise Inc. is a free tool for learning vocabulary in several languages ??, using improved... public versions of language during the Foreign Service Institute... but we would be grateful if you add us to your whitelist or consider donating via...

Download Rosetta Stone Chinese Mac - Download rosetta stone mandarin mac / download Rosetta Stone Chinese rar... Histograms: Virgin Mountains which cmdlets that appears as install,... and the evaluation software, all supported version of the operating system supports all done... you will see "Rolling Back buttons move the action removes the main screen,...

With TOTALe, Rosetta Stone brings the social web to language... January 3, 2010... Rosetta Stone TOTALe combines the signing of the statement of the company... By Andrew Nusca for The ToyBox | January 3, 2010 - 7:40 p.m. GMT ( 11:40 PT )... So, I spent a few months with the Italian version to find out... The first screen prompted me to separate slides of a man and a woman eating and drinking.

Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone - The Floor cutting chamber August 9, 2014... Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone was a completely different game around... Specifically, the versions overseas Featured shops where players could... A portrait of Jimmy Lee to select the character screen... to have been vandalized by the Black Warriors gang raised before the start of the game.

The Rosetta Stone experience online, if you discount the occasional hang time I filed under " Availability, " a good time. Bright yellow screen of the Rosetta Stone brand immediately created a visual effect " branding " - I see the yellow and I know immediately that Rosetta Stone comes my way. The photographs used are of high quality and the interface works exactly the same line as it does with the software installed - the program even calibrates your microphone in the same way. Controls and preference settings available are the same between online versions and installed, and the online version saves both your progress and your settings every time you use it.

The Rosetta Stone software, once installed, usually works very well if you are on a compatible computer, but the operating systems older or, slower processors - I do not know who - sometimes bring it to " hang " or freeze and suffer internal errors. I lived a few " block " limited or breaks in the online program that did not happen with my software installed; online versions were executed and installed on the same computer, so I guess Internet connection was to blame.

Rosetta Stone Online gets 4 out of 5 for the availability and an additional boost to the side to make a system check every time it loads, with clear and easy to understand display, which shows whether your system is ready to run the program online or offline. I do not need to download a small file to run the speech recognition component of the online program, even though I already had the full version of the same language installed on my computer. But finding the file in question was easy - I just clicked on the Rosetta Stone was given link, download the file, and I was ready to go.

I believe that more than half pictures easily in a given language are unique to that language and culture - there was undoubtedly some Italian people in the Italian module that does not have once shown in the Irish unit - but see the same images are repeated between languages ??has taken something away from the idea of ??being culturally immersed same time I was immersed in the linguistics.

I recently returned with Rosetta Stone after a period studying theory of second language acquisition and during every break when the screen changes, my brain wondering why the hell I 'm sitting here do. It owes much to the audio - lingualism, an approach that fell out of favor over half a century ago in academic circles, but has a lot of influence in classes yet. I wonder what theoretical basis, it has. Certainly, the Rosetta Stone approach is not how children learn their native language. In all cases, children may receive 12 hours of exposure to their mother tongue every day for several years. I do not have much time! Some research suggests that adult language learners are actually more effective than the children because we use our most advanced analytical skills to work on how the language functions. I can not believe about Rosetta Stone is slow it is - it's like a language version of Groundhog Day, always repeating what I did. Yes, grammar can eventually emerge, but, yes, to check a reference grammar is much faster. I try to learn Russian, which grammar as another commented, complicated. RS lesson trying to make me see the difference between normal and reflexive pronouns, but I do not see it, so I looked up and there. Children are not so good at this, so it seems that Rosetta Stone is just forcing adults to avoid using our strengths for a supposedly childish approach that is not even based on reality.

This theory has been the most frustrating part of my experience Rosetta Stone. It's incredibly tedious to learn the grammatical concepts through images and limited text. Often when learning a new concept, I asked myself, "Okay, I understand that it's okay - but why? " While taking a look at a grammar book could have given me the answer I needed in less one minute, but learning a grammatical concept (as adjective endings in German) could take up to two hours of intense study in Rosetta Stone. For example in Dutch, " zullen " is a marker for conditional verbs ( be, do, etc.) but also the means should. I understand that by referring to a website of Dutch grammar, but I do not know if I would have never had if I had used the Rosetta Stone to try to learn. Introduction of grammatical concepts within Rosetta Stone often leads to frustration of not being able to learn the theory behind why a feature of the language exist.

I used Rosetta Stone Total all online deployment in Afghanistan and when I returned seven months later, I was able to read, write, understand and speak a fair amount of Hebrew. What I found was that it was frustrating not understand the "Why? " Occasionally, but as you advance the "Why? " Reveals Himself and that's when I made most learning. Grammar and spelling and culture are incredibly different in Hebrew / Israel not to mention learning a new alphabet and did very well. Since then, I have recommended to friends Rosetta Stone and I 'm looking forward to another language. I think if you spent the first few lessons and open your mind not to be completely in every step of the learning process will prove much more valuable than the traditional language learning.

I still think the minimum grammar clarification is needed when learning a language, and I feel that by excluding completely, Rosetta Stone is the language learners done great damage. To use my example " zullen " in Dutch above, a short note that " it may mean expected and is also conditional \\ tag" would have sufficed, but instead they deliberately talk around the subject using photos. It is certainly possible to learn grammar by immersion after some time, but the time spent doing this would be much better used by cracking open a manual every once in a while.

In addition, Rosetta Stone has put a lot of work in good smartphone and tablet applications. The iPhone application, miniaturized as it should, does not keep track of my progress, and does not offer lessons Studio, but it is good practice for vocabulary while killing time almost everywhere. The iPad application seems to have all the features of the full software from the computer, and allows seamless continuation of your progress away from your desk ( as long as you have an internet connection ). The phone and tablet apps are free with the subscription. Users get just a three-month trial applications with the purchase of CD.

As a teenager 18 years and someone who is very bored of the typical Australian Culture (as AFL and summer. ) I found myself talking to people from other cultures and to immerse myself, and then I came across Spanish - Spanish for me is right on among other languages. However, through my research, I came across the Rosetta Stone and thought it was good for those who are young. As a 18 year old, I do not want to know " Agua " or " Llaves. "I want to talk to people and ask questions such as" How are you? "I think Rosetta Stone gives a good vocabulary and allows you to be able to go " Hey! This is a "Mesa" when you are trying to impress your friends, but for a deep and meaningful conversion, go elsewhere I say.

So what is the upscale version today, Version 4 TOTALe, look like? I spent several months with the software, working on Mandarin. ( I tested Mandarin using Pinyin romanization only. The software allows you to learn with Chinese characters, but is not really designed to teach this unique and difficult system. Rosetta Stone focuses on bringing you to speak. ) The court verdict, after many hours spent if it still has shortcomings, Rosetta Stone has come a long way, and I think this is a truly useful tool for language learning.

Finally, Rosetta Stone said the number of bits and bobs to successive versions of the software. These include solo games you can play online with others, and chatrooms. I found the chatroom Mandarin almost empty, with users often showing, ask a question, finding no answer and leave. Interactions are some. (It is more going on in the German chatroom I also visited. ) But the games were a good way to practice vocabulary while having a little fun.


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