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how much sod does it take to cover a half acre

Unless your area is exactly half an acre and there are no features such as buildings, flower beds or walkways around it is useful to draw a diagram of the site and divide the areas where you lay turf simple geometric shapes such as rectangles and triangles. Measure each of these simple subdivisions separately recording their information in the diagram as you go, then calculate the area of ??each. Add the areas together to determine the total area to be sodded. If you have calculated the square footage area in square meters converted by dividing the area by nine.

A newly grassed lawn can instantly neat and attractive appearance, unlike grass areas began using seeds, plugs or branches, but it is also the most expensive way to establish a new lawn. Measure the installation site properly, accurately perform the necessary calculations and communicate clearly with turf provider minimizes the potential to exacerbate and sometimes costly mistakes such as ordering too much grass or having to place a second order.

I am a landscaper and I always bought the turf of a reputable seller * * Round Tree grass until they sold me sick grass or grass that had been cut to thin, which means the median of the root was cut. I installed a lawn not aware of the customer problem. It was not fresh grass I usually have them, but as I said, I did not know better. Well every six pallets died and I heard other guests and several garden centers they sold grass that had been cut short sod farm and sold to make a profit anyway. The grass all dead in less than a week. I took pictures to show and asked atleast they could replace some of the grass, if not all. They did not want to stand behind one piece, they said once you set it, it is your responsibility. So beware! If the grass is not green and fresh air, and not half " ground under it do not buy it! Turn order around you do not except it.

I'll be paying $ 5,400 for an underground system to about 7,700 square feet of turf with a 75 ' x 126' plot. It is installed in conjunction with a new lawn for a house that is newly built. I think he mentioned something like 15 largest sprinkler heads and nine grandchildren... but I'll have to recheck my contract to see accurate information. It uses PVC and installation of automatic programming box (or something like that) in my garage. I have enough water pressure to avoid having to buy a recall, but as others have said, there are so many variables... it is better to find someone who is on Angie's List and get good reviews for your area ( I did). The area you are in, the type of soil you have, your existing facilities and grass and how your guy has to "work around " areas that are not straight rectangles or squares seems to be a problem. For example, I have several lilac on one side, so it's asked my landscape to mulch the line so that it does not try to water them. Also, if you are installing on existing turf ( not laying a new lawn), it is much more expensive. I'm in a medium sized city ( Peoria, IL) with clay soil and the variable Midwest weather (up to 100 in summer and to about 0 degrees in the worst of winter). When you installed your own, make sure they show you how to stop the system so you do not blow the pipes when they freeze. The company that makes auto mine drainage pipes and I only have to close a part inside of my house ( and drain a few gallons of water in excess) for winter. Here is the list 's Web site approved the company 's Angie makes my job ( below). Good luck!

The lowest estimate I got was about $ 2500 and will take three days to set from the moment they began to encroach. I do not remember how many heads he wanted to, but if it was off, he 'd be able to put another anywhere and attach it to the nearest area to give me a good cover. Uh, it was the EEG in the ground 'n fit person later.

I had a new system installed last year and there are many variables so that the price can vary greatly. In Atlanta, the water is very expensive, so I was concerned about the efficiency of water. Some leaders, valves and control panels are not very efficient water - they pump a lot of water and lots of it evaporates before it hits the ground or fled button. Applying too much water, too quickly, or not the optimum spray pattern will be wasting water. Solar collectors are a good investment. Some sensors will simply turn off the system when it rains. Other sensors are smarter - they adjust the operating time based on the amount of sunlight and moisture - which varies throughout the season.

The high estimate I had was about $ 4500. This was seven active areas each with 5-7 heads. There was enough capacity ( controller area and space in the system controller ) built to add drip irrigation at a later date for planting beds without replacing anything. He called the whole yard and gave me a copy marked with leaders showing the "jet " of each and overlap it built to avoid missed areas. And they wanted to arrive in the morning and leave tonight with watering system to cover their tracks across the yard. One day and they would not leave until he worked as advertised!

Grass seed calculations are often based on acreage or square meters for small residential lawns. But for large operations such as seeding rate for large properties, parks and golf courses, it is important to know how to calculate grass seed per acre or hectare. This information will help you know how much to buy and estimate costs.

DeLacy recommends a process in layers for planting. Cover your first layer of seeds with a half-inch to an inch of organic compost or mixture of compost - ground and reseeding. Finally, use a roll - you can rent one at Home Depot for less than $ 20 per day - to pack the soil, then water, water, water. DeLacy recommends using a timer system to sprinkle around 5 hours and 17 hours until the grass is about 3 inches high; if your garden is particularly sunny, adding a third sprinkler around 10:30

The owners ( or companies ) that they generally hire over-apply products. The lawn receives on average 10 times more pesticides per acre than farmland and some chemicals can persist in the environment for up to 250 days. As for fertilizer, because the soil can not retain the surplus, largely never in plant tissue; instead, it evaporates or is washed into lakes, bays and ports, where it contributes to algae flowers that injure or kill plant life and animal. And nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium that make commercial NPK fertilizers take a lot of energy to produce and release greenhouse gases.

You can mow as much as once a week during the season and less at other times of growth; Never cut more than one third of the grass blade. If you wait to mow the grass is too high, DeLacy said, " you take more than the blade and cause stress to the grass, which is then put more energy into growing the roots blades. And what you really want in a good organic lawn is healthy root growth. You want the roots to grow deep ".

The next step, if you are seeding or not, is to aerate. " It relaxes the ground so that it can act more like a sponge," says DeLacy. He recommends using a core aerator to remove dirt plugs about a half - inch wide and 4 inches deep. Advanced aerators, including "\\ shoes" that attach to your regular shoes, are less effective, DeLacy said, because they create shallow and compact holes, rather than suppress, dirt. Ventilate the spring and fall when the soil is wet from rain or watering.

These are the most common choices. Filling a pond or AStream with the package of the pump or pond filling auxiliary kit. Filling a fire hydrant. Talk to your water company. Manywill have a program where you place a deposit, usually around $ 200.00. They will give you a water meter in a box, and theother things you need, then you take in every so often andthey read the meter and send you a bill for water youused. If ever you want, you take the meter back, and theyrefund your money. The next possibility is that many filling stations waterauthorities. They will often fill yourbox quick and inexpensive. The other choice is to fillwith a hose. A standard faucet garden home in a newhouse with a municipal water supply will put about 8 gpm. If for example you were a residentiallawn 8000 square feet with a unit of 300 gallons you will need two loads cover8000 square feet and would spend about 36 minutes filling eachload. You may be adding your materials that the water is goingin, and be ready to start spraying when the isfull unit.

Hydroseeding came into use with the advent of system interstatehightway during Eisenhour administration. Prior tothat time, the roads went over the hills or around them. Now theystarted to go through the hills leaving steep banks of thatconventional seeding equipment could not get on. Hydroseedingwas the solution to this problem, and provides excellent preparation of growth withno possible at all. However, if I was doing yard thefront half a million dollars and the house being paid for lotof money to do so. I would not skimp too. Our recommendation is to do the same preparation you forseeding any other way, but in a situation where co weatherhasn't rain exploited and may have caused some crusting, just go ahead and seeds. Hydro seeding greatresults occur under a variety of circumstances and get a seed to sprout higherpercentage.

When I started hydroseeding I worried about it. When Iquoted work, I used to say something like. I'll tobring my first load of water, but to make your lawn torefill I have my machine twice with water. Before I quote a price, Ineed whether I can use to fill your water, because if Ihave to run to my place to fill the extra time willeffect pricing. They liked to have me use their water. Ihave had the same pipe hook to neighbors houses if Icould fill faster and on a job where I used a bigmachine, I did not want to take full with the truck, I had available that day, my client had me drop the night before machinethe, and filled it for me. I had objections to my solittle using their water for the last fewyears, I just wonder if it's ok for me to use their water.

Hydroseeding is a price per square foot, or on the large jobsby acre. Residential and commercial hydroseeding therange price is 6 cents to 20 cents per square foot with7 10 cents being the most common. You can moneyat great as long as you can get at least six cents per square foot. Your cost of seeds should be just around 2-2 1/2 cents per squarefoot. Often on large jobs and employment for a manufacturer or ajob that is subbed by a landscape where there may be long-term source of business acontinuing prices are oftendiscounted little, small jobs such as repairing andrenovation, damage from snowplows or water pipe installation mybe prices at a higher rate. Large jobs such as highwayconstruction are generally priced at 3.5 to 5 cents per squarefoot.


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