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You do not need a high-riding SUV or crossover for winter traction benefits of four wheel drive. There are a myriad of saloon cars, coupes, convertibles and even that offer four-wheel drive (usually called four-wheel drive in passenger cars), either as standard equipment or as an option. We've assembled a complete list of AWD cars, the list goes on and the choices are many. Although the benefits of four wheel drive are evident in slippery conditions, the technology has a cost. There are usually additional costs associated with four-wheel drive, and almost always a term of fuel economy as well. So for every car in the list, we indicated that the additional cost of four-wheel drive option, or the cost differential compared to the equivalent of two-wheel drive model, and its fuel consumption Notes, and the pain of fuel economy compared to the two-wheel drive versions of the same car... next page >>.

. Coupe. I took the STI around the same roads and freeway onramp even as I drive every day since the dealer was just an exit on the highway from me. My Volvo felt as fast if not faster, but a hell of a lot smoother and quieter. The TSI felt like the difference would come blasting through the floor. The interior is feeling inside like a Hyundai Infinity. I hate the looks and the big wing on the previous generation. The news was correct, but I get an STI if my driveway was a dirt road to a 10-mile heritage hill.Subaru - Its a nice car, make no mistake, but not for me. I drove both the 2010 Turbo models and 6-cyl. Major turbo lag. No low-end torque. From Tranny (Auto and Manual) sucked. Interiors Cheapo. But as I said not a bad car at the price point just is not my cup of tea.Ford Fusion -. Only the Sport 2010 would do the trick for me They made some nice changes. This is the sleeper of new cars in my opinion. Decent style, power, AWD. Comments are not bad. But it's a ford. I know, I know, Ford is the right brand for American cars (unless you buy a Corvette or a Camaro) But I can tell you from my experience having owned 18 cars in 15 years on. Resale on the merger will be the shit (like my Volvo - sigh). No way I'm buying a new Ford, even if it is a lot of bang for the buck at about $ 30K. Decent looking, decent package as a whole. I checked the comments. Ultimately, it is too bland for me. I could settle for a 2009 Mazda 6 s Grand Touring, it has everything but the power crazy, but even if I'm a big fan after driving the Hyundai Genesis Coupe has better steering feel. The BMW 335 I drove an hour before, the Sonata is just not me. My friend beat the previous version and there are plenty of car for the money. Accord Coupe - Let me say that if I should be interested in a Honda, I had to save money and get as good if not better product for less money, with greater assurance and Closest Thing Hyundai has to offer. Hyundai Add another 3-5 years and peop...

Although no one would claim the same Hyundai Genesis Coupe as a competitor to the 3 Series and Infiniti G-cut offering AWD-available all-wheel drive gives the car a leg over the other affordable. Cut sport as the Nissan 370Z, Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro and...

Hyundai is currently offering four-wheel drive only on its SUVs and crossovers, the migration of technology platforms of the cars is probably a movement to raise the perceived status of the brand. The flagship Equus luxury is established in the world of brands, which offer all-wheel drive, not only to their tip-end, but other models throughout their lineups. The availability of IT on cars Hyundai Equus means that gives up at least the BMW 7 Series and Mercedes S550, which both offer four-wheel drive. Similarly, Hyundai Genesis can now apply the model as a competitor for a model for the 5 Series and Class E. This, and people in the snow belt, such as insurance of all wheel drive.


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