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on dry roads it will take about
“Coefficient of Friction” – The coefficient of friction of a roadway essentially measures how “slippery” it is. A dry asphalt roadway usually has a friction value of around 0.8 to 0.9. This value is important, especially when crash reconstructionists are trying to determine how fast a vehicle was traveling from skid marks. On wet or icy roads, these values can drop to 0.2 or 0.3! What does all this mean? Drives must be aware of road conditions because they significantly affect how fast our...

why does the hapmton bay 191 707 require a battery
The Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Wall Control is a versatile device that may be operated wirelessly or installed through direct wiring in place of an existing wall switch. It is compatible with both dimmable incandescent lights and on/off CFLs, and it uses 16 different selectable frequencies to control your fan and light fixture. One A23 battery is included.

consequent behavioursin psychological behavior
The constant daily stresses have made her pull away from coworkers, family and friends. Just yesterday, the area manager popped in for a surprise visit and yelled at Violet for not having the napkin area fully supplied.

antecedent conditions in psychological experiment
In a three-phase study, antecedent conditions involving instructor's task demands and social comments were evaluated for 3 students with severe disabilities who emitted problem behavior. The results of a descriptive analysis (Phase 1) demonstrated that task demands served as antecedents for problem behavior, and social comments were generally associated with increased levels of positive social affect. In a subsequent experimental analysis (Phase 2), an instructor emitted high rates of social...

psychological experiment
The Stanford Prison Experiment was designed to study behavior of “normal” individuals when assigned a role of prisoner or guard. College students were recruited to participate and were assigned roles of “guard” or “inmate” and Zimbardo played the role of the warden. The basement of the psychology building was the set of the prison and great care was taken to make it look and feel as realistic as possible. The prison guards were told to run a prison for two weeks. They were told not to...