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Survival Analysis for Brand 1 Flavor Longevity Time Status Cumulative Standard Cumulative Number Survival Error Events Remaining 7.00 Not Censored 1 24 7.00 Not Censored .9200 .0543 2 23 13.00 Not Censored .8800 .0650 3 22 20.00 Not Censored 4 ...

will a plant grow with a liquid other than water
The only seeds that sprouted and grew in this experiment were seeds + water. Seeds in dish soap, vinegar, and salt water did not sprout but instead shriveled up; seeds in baby oil also did not sprout and turned brown. The seeds in sugar water rotted and molded. We thus accept most of our hypothesis, however, we thought the sugar water might help the seed grow. We also noted that liquids other than water seemed to prevent the seeds from rotting, with the exception of sugar water. ...

 identify and briefly describe the basic steps in performance appraisal
Performance management is a system designed to identify the ways to achieve organizational goals through constant assessment and feedback leading to improvement of employee performance. Performance management, unlike the performance appraisal or annual evaluation process, is an ongoing assessment of employees in a manner geared to match their goals to the organizational goals. It also makes strong use of goal-setting and metrics to identify progress and areas of individual strengths.

what are business practices etiquette for madagascar
Madagascar's economy is largely based on agriculture and the country is a popular tourist attraction. Thanks to the government's efforts to make the country financially attractive, professionals in Madagascar do more business with people from other countries. Being aware of proper etiquette while in Madagascar will help professionals make a favorable impression

who inverted electromagnetic crane
An electromagnetic crane is a type of crane with an electromagnetic lift. Electromagnetic cranes are commonly utilized in lifting and moving various scrap metals. It does not have the mechanical 'pincers' of a regular crane, instead, it has a large flat magnet which draws the metallic materials to it. Using the principle of electromagnetic induction, these large machines are used to handle scrap ferrous metals, such as iron and steel, which can be found in junk yards and recycling...